Donating to the Paynesville Area LGF

To donate the Paynesville Area Chapter, please select it from the drop down menu and then select the Donate button. Thank you! - (Your contribution will be processed via PayPal).

Thank you for your interest in viewing  our “donations” page.  Hopefully, you will gladly assist us. We are a 501c(3) organization and therefore, non-profit.  To provide the pontoon, boat, trailer and all accessories, we rely totally on financial donations and gifts which are tax-deductible and very much appreciated.

We are supported by individuals, organizations and businesses.  Please understand that to us no donation is too small and to continue to operate, we’ll need the on-going support of many individuals and businesses; whatever the amount! The specially designed-for-seniors 24’ Crestliner pontoon, outboard motor, and trailer alone cost our chapter $36,000. Keep in mind that all people involved in our local chapter are volunteers and do not receive any compensation.


Let us know you would like to make a donation